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Data and Architecture: Data Archiving

Short summary of Best Practice:

Interoperable archives archivists should use a same glossary of terms and definitions applicable to data archiving.

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

Archive agencies share the same concern - long term data preservation - and they share the same problems, like the handling huge amounts of data, or the organization of data migration from one storage device to another one. Using a shared vocabulary in the complex field of data archiving contributes to a better understanding and easier solving of all these problems.

Provide an example application(s):

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    How widely deployed is this practice(if applicable)


    Source document(s):

    CEOS WGISS Interoperability Handbook

    Detailed Description of Best Practice

    CEOS has agreed to use a subset, suitable for digital archives, of the “Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology”, published by the Society of American Archivists. 

    This subset is available at :
    The full glossary is available at the same address and at:

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    Isn't this recommendation in conflict with the recommendation on archive model. None of the OAIS terminology is part of the SAA vocabulary posted on the CEOS site.
    Posted 00:09, 2 Mar 2008 (11 years ago)
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