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Data and Architecture: Data Access

Short summary of Best Practice:

The development of a data ordering facility should follow the recommendations of the
CEOS Catalogue Interoperability Protocol for data ordering.

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

At the end of the 1990's, CEOS has experimented the CEOS Catalogue Interoperability
Protocol (CIP). The CIP was the result of an initiative to develop a protocol so that a
number of international agencies could make their Earth Observation data, and related
data, available in coherent manner to their users communities.

Provide an example application(s):

None given 

How widely deployed is this practice(if applicable)


Source document(s):

CEOS WGISS Interoperability Handbook

Detailed Description of Best Practice

CIP documentation (CEOS Catalogue Interoperability Protocol - (CIP), Specification - Release B) contains a very detailed and exhaustive description of the full order­ing process from all the points of view that are needed for the implementation of a data ordering system: user requirements, system specification, system design.

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