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GEOSS Architecture

The GEOSS architecture is a combination of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and the contributed components and services.  The GCI is a set of core components that consists of the Standards and Interoperbility Registry, the Components and Services Registry, the Best Practices Wiki, the User Requirements Registry, the Clearinghouse, and the GEO Web Portal.  The GCI supports registration of resources, search and discovery of data and services contributed to GEOSS, and use of data contributed to GEOSS.  The architecture evolves through the work of the Architecture and Implementation Pilot (AIP), which works through annual phases, culminating in demos of the work accomplished and deployment of the successes into GEOSS.

AIP-2 (2009) resulted in a set of engineering reports.  These reports discuss the experiences of AIP-2 in deploying solutions.  There is a summary report, and individual reports for the different transverse technology and Societal Benefit Area (SBA) scenarios.  In addition to these engineering reports, the demo videos are also available.

The Architecture resulting from AIP-2 was summarized in a single document organized using the RM-ODP viewpoints.  The architecture from AIP-2 was the basis for the Call for Pariticipation in AIP-3.

AIP-3 (2010) is currently in progress.  Work taking place can be monitored at the collaboration site.  There are separate pages in this wiki for each technology area or SBA to share their findings with the GEOSS community.  When completed, AIP-3 will result in a set of engineering reports and demo videos which will be referenced from here.

Individual topics and best practices of particular interest for GEOSS providers and users will be singled out in this wiki as a GEOSS Theme or GEOSS Architecture page.  They will be listed here and in the navigation menu at the left.


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