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End-To-End Engineering AIP Working Group

This working group is under the guidance and oversight of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) program.  The details of the AIP, and more links to AIP resources, can be found here.


Focus of Working Group

The focus of the End-to-end Engineering WG is to enhance and solidify the connections between providers and users within the GEOSS Common Infrastructure by identification and remediation of gaps in the chains of publication from provider to user and discovery from user to provider.


Summary of Working Group Activities

End-to-end engineering in AIP-3 has worked on

  • GEOSS Common Metadata Record
  • Linked styles of resource discovery
  • Vocabulary registration
  • Enhanced engineering use cases for connecting application community and knowledge domain discovery terms
  • Orchestration of processing resources within GCI

Engineering Report Summary

E2E ER Summary from AIP-2:


Working Group Links


Working Group Contact Information

Name E-Mail  Role 
Joshua Lieberman Co-Lead
Nadine Alameh Co-Lead
  Erin Robinson   Participant
Steve Browdy

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