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Semantics AIP Working Group

This working group is under the guidance and oversight of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) program. The details of the AIP, and more links to AIP resources, can be found here. The role of the Working Group is to carry out an exploratory research on the usage of semantics (the new integrative technologies being deployed over the world wide web) to provide more user-friendly, seamless integration across cross-cutting activities within the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs).

Focus of Working Group

Besides being directly addressed by the thematic pilots on Biodiversity and Drought, the topic proved to be of general interest for all SBAs and also an opportunity to ease vertical integration among distinct thematic areas. Also, the inclusion in the GEO Work Plan 2009-2011 of a sub-task of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure devoted to ontology and taxonomy development suggests that the topic is of general interest in the geospatial community and that some of the results could be exported to this activity.

Summary of Working Group Acitivities

The activities within GEO are, partly, the activities being undertaken to develop the Semantic Network Dictionary and associated gazetteer activity and, partly, the semantic enrichment of the Discovery Augmentation Component (GI-DAC) of the EuroGEOSS discovery broker.The latter activity was focused on the exploitation of multilingual thesauri expressed as SKOS/RDF data structures for query expansion and refinement through the broker. Also, the Working Group addressed the integration of further thematic thesauri into the framework.

Engineering Report Summary

The ER produced by the working group is detailing the distinct activities that has been carried out; technological and thematic partners jointly contributed to it. A set of reference thesauri were identified as the common ground for extending the SPARQL-based repository that has been set up with further contributions from thematic areas.

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Working Group Contact Information


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Cristiano Fugazza
Masahiko Nagai
Stefano Nativi
Mattia Santoro
Will Pozzi

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Specification of a semantic web service for querying SKOS thesauri over the web. Produced by the EU FP7 NETMAR Project.
1261.72 kB15:28, 30 Nov 2012ylassouedActions
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