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Chapter 0: Taxonomy Hierarchy

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You can access the desired part of the taxonomy by clicking on the appropriate link. Once arriving at that page, you can either comment on the visible taxonomy category details or link to a deeper level of the taxonomy.  The hierarchy displayed here will not show leaves of the taxonomy tree, only nodes that contain other nodes and leaves.  Below the taxonomy will be a link to the Support Vocabulary.  The support vocabulary contains defintions of terms that are used in the taxonomy, and where it was felt that clarification was necessary.


  • Earth Observation Standards
    • Administrative Standards
    • Scientific Standards
      • Earth Observation Fields
      • Earth Observation Targets
      • Earth Observation Techniques
    • Technical Standards
      • Communications and Telecommunications
        • Internet
      • Earth Observation Instrumentation
        • Electronics
        • Mechanical
      • Infrastructures
      • Observation Data
        • Data
          • Data Format
          • Metadata
            • Structural Metadata
        • Processing Services
      • Production Cycle
        • Engineering Process
        • Quality
        • Technical Documentation



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