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Chapter 1: Earth Observation Standards (Root)

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This page contains definitions for child categories of the category referenced by the Chapter title.  The parent category for this page is the Chapter title, and is referenced as being "Up One Level."  The definitions for its children follow below the horizontal line.  The navigation options are listed below.

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Category: Earth Observation Standards


This is the root node of the taxonomy, no definition provided.


This category serves as the ancestor of all standards specific to all aspects of Earth observations, as captured in this taxonomy.

Category: Administrative Standards


Standards specific to the policies, licensing, access, authentication, accounting, and billing associated with data being made available.

Category: Scientific Standards


Standards specific to the scientific activities related to Earth observations, including societal benefit areas, fields of study, and observation principles.


Category: Technical Standards


Standards specific to the technical aspects and activities of Earth observations, including data, processes, systems, communications, production, and infrastructures.


Alternate Definition: “Standards specific to the technical aspects of Earth observation activities and associated results with respect to engineering, utilization, and exploitation of data systems and data products.”



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