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Chapter 10: Earth Observation Instrumentation

This page contains definitions for child categories of the category referenced by the Chapter title.  The parent category for this page is the Chapter title, and is referenced as being "Up One Level."  The definitions for its children follow below the horizontal line.  The navigation options are listed below. 

Up One Level: Scientific Standards

Right Sibling: N/A

Down One Level: N/A

Left Sibling: Earth Observation Targets   



Category: Electronics


Standards specific to the design and interfacing of analog, digital, and mixed signal electronic circuits and systems.



Category: Materials


Standards specific to the characteristics and performance of raw materials used in building Earth Observation systems.



Category: Mechanical


Standards specific to the physical construction and operation of instrumentation.



Category: Sensors


Standards specific to the deployment, management, calibration, validation, and operation of sensors used in Earth Observation systems.



Category: Subsystem Interconnects


Standards specific to a physical layer's mechanical and electrical characteristics, algorithms, and protocols of connections within systems which implement application-specific functions between multiple heterogeneous components through a set of communication and synchronization primitives.


Alternate Definition: “Standards specifying mechanical and electrical characteristics of an on-chip (NoC), board-level, or macro-subsystem-level communication network with hardware and software components which jointly implement key functions of different SoC, board, or macro-subsystem programming models through a set of communication and synchronization primitives and provide low-level platform services to enable advanced features in modern heterogeneous applications on a single die, board, or macro-subsystem.”


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