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Chapter 7: Technical Standards

This page contains definitions for child categories of the category referenced by the Chapter title.  The parent category for this page is the Chapter title, and is referenced as being "Up One Level."  The definitions for its children follow below the horizontal line.  The navigation options are listed below. 

Up One Level: Scientific Standards

Right Sibling: N/A

Down One Level: N/A

Left Sibling: Earth Observation Targets   

Category: Communications and Telecommunications


Standards specific to the transmission of information from a sender to a receiver, via some medium, along with associated processes and protocols.


These standards describe the process that enables one or more users to pass to one or more other users information by data, wire, radio, visual, or other electrical, electromagnetic, or optical means. These standards also address telecommunications networks, which are systems of interconnected facilities designed to carry traffic from a variety of telecommunications services.



Category: Earth Observation Instrumentation


Standards specific to the design, development, production, qualification, deployment, recovery, and interfacing of Earth Observation instruments.



Category: Infrastructures


Standards specific to the life-cycle and operation of an organization's physical facilities, administrative services, communications services, computing services, and other structural elements.



Category: Observation Data


Standards specific to the description, structure, or handling of observations acquired and processed by sensors, systems, or people.



Category: Production Cycle


Standards specific to the specification, processes, documentation, and validation of production life cycle.


Alternate Definition: “Standards specific to the overall end-to-end process of developing a product including authorization, specification, design, implementation, integration, validation, verification, deployment, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.”


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