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Chapter 9: Internet

This page contains definitions for child categories of the category referenced by the Chapter title.  The parent category for this page is the Chapter title, and is referenced as being "Up One Level."  The definitions for its children follow below the horizontal line.  The navigation options are listed below. 

Up One Level: Scientific Standards

Right Sibling: N/A

Down One Level: N/A

Left Sibling: Earth Observation Targets   



Category: Internet Architecture


Standards specific to the technical and engineering development of the Internet.



Category: Protocols


Standards specific to open-system (nonproprietary) communications protocols, used across any set of interconnected networks, ranging from the network layer to the application layer of the OSI model.


Alternate Definition: “Standards that define the computer-to-computer interaction over a packet-switched internetwork using the Internet Protocol (IP) as a foundation at the network layer of the OSI network communication reference model.”


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