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Penetration of user organisations

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User Engagement/Communication

Best Practice:

Projects in which user organisations participate to develop data products together with providers, should apply effective dissemination mechanisms within the respective user's organisations and its networks. Likewise, the individuals representing these organisations in the project's frame, should operate as intermediaries between the project and the mainstream users who will later apply the new data products in their daily work. A communication/dissemination plan could be envisaged in the project design with specific actions committing the involved user organistion to undertake outreach activities both within their organisation, particularly in the case of large ones, and towards other external organisations with similar data product needs.

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

User organisations participating in collaborative (research) projects are usually represented by one or few persons. This is also true for GMES* projects in which data providers and users jointly develop data products. The individuals participating in the projects may be much interested and active as to the GMES* project, however, in many cases, the broad majority of the personnel of their organisation is not involved and may even hardly know about these activities. Although this project involves a range of user organisations and appears to have accomplished a good market penetration, in contrast, it does not penetrate these organisations, so that after the project ceases, the user organisations will not take up the results.

Provide an example application(s):

Some rather scientifically oriented organisations have set up internal structures to assure that GMES* results are effectively spread within the organisations.

How widely deployed is this practice(if applicable)

This observation particularly refers to user organisations involved in subsidiary level environmental monitoring, it does not refer to organisations operating on an international level. The observed situation is true or partly true for all GMES* projects.

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)* Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, the European contribution to GEO.


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