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Collaborative projects led and managed by users

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User Engagement/Governance

Best Practice:

Funding programmes should require projects in which data products based on satellite and other data sources are developed, to be led and managed by user organisations that have been identified as the future users or customers of these data products or services. If a suitable user organisation cannot be identified, there should be at least a significant and measurable user involvement in the management and leadership of the project. As a prerequisite, this should include an adequate project budget share for these users.

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

Thus far, projects in which data users and providers jointly develop data products, such as within the frame of GMES*, are mostly led by the service providers. Although these projects claim to be user-driven, they are in practice supply-driven, because users have little opportunity to influence their results.

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Detailed Description of Best Practice

Currently, GMES* project funding mechanisms define a project structure in which data providers fulfil the leading roles. User organisations can hardly decide about how the budgets of the mentioned projects are spent, and, likewise, they do not receive the budget share they would need to internally mobilise the resources needed to steer the projects. However, these projects intend to be the basis for a future service structure that will depend on the same users as customers. Users with pertinent experience as to the data products developed should have a powerful role within the projects to ensure that they will later really want to use the products developed. Likewise, in this way the development of products without utility would be prevented. In case the project develops products intended for environmental monitoring the users with mandates regarding the respective kind of operational monitoring and regarding the implementation of monitoring practices as well as users who have the political influence to obtain related investments should have a leading role in the project structure.


)* Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, the European contribution to GEO.

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