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Community Workspaces

Community Workspaces

Community Workspaces

Community Workspaces

Subject area/Theme

Other - Air Quality, User Interface

Short summary of Best Practice:


Community workspaces are virtual spaces created using a wiki devoted to a particular project, topic or community. Workspaces provide a place to collect distributed web content (data, pictures, video, blogs) related to a topic, collaboratively write or create a product and capture discussion relating to the topic/project at hand. The wiki platform is conducive for this because it allows material distributed all over the web to be virtually 'mashed' together in one place through RSS feeds or iframe tags and elaborated on with relevant context and discussion. Because all of these elements are brought together in a workspace, the critical community knowledge is often captured as it is created.

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

Workspaces provide newcomers an easy enterance to a particular project, highlighting background or 'Must read first' items. As these people become more familiar with the community they begin to add material to this space as well.

The workspace provides a place for context and connection to distributed, but very related content.

Many types of data have a single website devoted to organizing that type of material (e.g. Flickr for photos, YouTube for videos). Having wiki workspaces for projects or communities gives them an internet address and needed metadata. This is crucial to connect related projects and communities

and share information.  Because workspaces are open any one can contribute related content and the space can grow in unanticipated ways - creating new and better content by the community that no one person could make.


After the workspace is finished, it becomes an archive for a larger community of practice and others can learn from the self-documented project.

Provide an example application(s):

  1. Exceptional Air Pollution Event Analysis
  2. EPA Air Quality Data Summit
  3. Other Examples

How widely deployed is this practice(if applicable)

Used by the ESIP Air Quality Cluster and CAPITA research group

Owner (Originator) Contact Information:

Rudy Husar, Erin Robinson

Submitter Contact Information:

See above

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