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4.1 Use cases: producer quality model

Example use cases for the producer model have been detailed earlier in the text, and are referenced accordingly in this section. The figures in this section show a HTML rendering of the information in an example producer metadata document. The HTML rendering was generated using an XSLT 2.0 stylesheet, and is available online at:

    4.1.1 Citing a publication within a metadata document

    This is described in section 3.2.1. The documents cited may fall into several categories – description of the data, documentations of uses of the data, evidence of the data lineage and documentation of discovered problems in the dataset. Publications may be of any type, including wikis and online videos as well as traditional reports and journal articles.

    The GeoViQua Publication model allows a ‘DOI’ and an ‘onlineResource’ to be specified; meaning that direct access to the resource can be encoded in the metadata and presented to a user with appropriate styling. Figure 26 shows an example.


    Figure 26. Publication information from a GeoViQua producer metadata document


    4.1.2 Producer supplies ‘soft knowledge’ or advice on issues discovered with the dataset which cannot be easily encoded elsewhere.

    One requirement identified from initial user and producer surveys was for producers to be able to supply ‘soft knowledge’ about their data – i.e., recommendations, warnings and tips which do not fit into the current conceptual model of quality as available in the ISO metadata model. As described in section 3.2.4, such ‘soft knowledge’ can be encoded as a GVQ_DiscoveredIssue which gives the opportunity to specify alternative datasets, and give details about the nature of the problem. An example is shown below in Figure 27.


    Figure 27. Producer ‘soft knowledge’ from a GeoViQua producer metadata document

    4.1.3 Recording the traceability of a quality statement

    As described in section 0, this can be achieved using an extended DQ_MetaQuality element. An example of the result is shown below in Figure 28.


    Figure 28. Traceability information from a GeoViQua producer metadata document

    4.1.4 Citing one or more datasets used as reference for a quality evaluation

    As described in section 3.2.3, this can be done by giving an identifier and details for the relevant dataset. Since an MD_DataIdentification is used, the details given can be substantial if required. An example is shown in Figure 29, with the summarised information about the reference dataset highlighted in red


    Figure 29. Reference dataset information from a GeoViQua producer metadata document

    4.1.5 Providing full statistical information on the results of quality assessment

    As described in section 3.2.5, a wide variety of statistical metrics may be encoded in UncertML. Figure 30 shows an example of a confusion matrix which has been encoded in UncertML using the ConfusionMatrix type.


    Figure 30. An UncertML ConfusionMatrix from a GeoViQua producer metadata document in HTML rendering

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