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Section 7 : APPENDIX C Glossary/Acronyms

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The following terms and definitions apply.


feature that acts as a function to return values from its range for any direct position within its spatiotemporal domain [OGC 07-111]

GML coverage…

feature which is a concrete subclass (specialization) of gmlcov:AbstractCoverage NOTE The term “GML coverage” does not imply that such a coverage always needs to be represented by a GML document; a coverage can well be represented by some well-known encoding different from GML as long as the data model contents is semantically equivalent.

offered coverage

extended →GML coverage structure, stored on a WCS server and accessible by clients via WCS operations, which additionally carries WCS service relevant information

(coverage) subsetting

operation on →GML coverages which, for a coverage provided, extracts part or all of its cell/value pairs and returns a →GML coverage containing these cell/value pairs 2 Copyright © 2010 Open Geospatial Consortium OGC 09-110r3

(coverage) trimming

GML coverage subsetting operation which returns a →coverage with the same number of dimensions as the input → GML coverage

(coverage) slicing

GML coverage subsetting operation which returns a → GML coverage with a reduced number of dimensions as compared to the input → GML coverage




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