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Section 2: Introduction to the Topic

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This chapter establishes the background information of web feature system interoperability, and the OpenGIS® WFS Standard.

How do the resources and the developed WFS service contribute to the GEOSS?

How to follow this tutorial in order to publish other Earth Observation data through WFS interface?

Things needed to be considered when providing robust WFS interface in an operation environment.

How to use the example data for GEOSS SBA application?


2.1 Discussion of the tutorial use

2.2 How interoperability is improved through the use of this server/service

2.2.1 Sharing features interoperability problem Sharing data model problem Sharing feature collection problem Editing a feature collection problem

2.2.2 Data modeling needs and GML Formal definition of datamodel Practical definition in GML application schemas GML application schemas from UML models

2.2.3 Simple WFS Service Interface. Serving features Describing Your WFS Server. the GetCapabilities operation Describing Your FeatureTypes: The DescribeFeatureType operation Serving a Feature collection: The GetFeature operation Exceptions

2.2.4 Basic WFS Service Interface. Creating new queries Forguetting about geometries: The GetPropertyValue operation

2.2.5 Transactional WFS Service Interface. Updating features Implementing an Insert Transaction: Required Parameters Upsate transaction response Imaplementing an Upsate Transaction: Required Parameters Update transaction response Implementing a Delete Transaction: Requires Parameters Delete transaction response

2.2.6 Locking WFS Service Interface. Decentralized updating features

2.3 Reference tp associated videos, books, and other resources, when available

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