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Section 2.2 : How Interoperability is improved through the use of the server service

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2.2.1 Sharing features interoperability Sharing data model problem Sharing feature collection problem Editing a feature collection problem

2.2.2 Data modeling needs and GML Formal definition of a data model Practical definition in GML application schemas GML application schemas from UML models ShapeChange setup UML model edition Automatically application schema generated by ShapeChange Generating a feature collection from the automatically generated application schema GML profiles Using Simple feature profile GML media type The axis order issue

2.2.3 Simple WFS Service Interface. Serving features Describing Your WFS Server: The GetCapabilities operation GetCapabilities required Capabilities document Describing Your FeatureTypes: The DescribeFeatureType operation DescribeFeatureType required DescribeFeatureType response: GML application schema Serving a Feature collection: The GetFeature operation Implementing GetFeature: Required Parameters GetFeature Response. GML data Exceptions

2.2.4 Basic WFS Service Interface. Creating new queries Forgetting about the geometries: The GetPropertyValue operation

2.2.5 Transactional WFS Service Interface. Updating features Implementing a Insert Transaction: Required Parameters Insert transaction response Implementing a Update Transaction: Required Parameters Update transaction response Implementing a Delete Transaction: Required Parameters Delete transaction response

2.2.6 Locking WFS Service Interface. Decentralized updating features

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