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Section 2.3: Reference to associated videos, books, and other resources, when existing

2.3.1 How to find WFS services in the CSR

The page of the CSR allows you to find services that use WFS. You have to choose to look for services and then choose the appropriate "Referenced Classification Information Standard or Special Arrangement (Single Choice)". In this taxonomy you have to look for "Data access" and look for Web Feature Service standard. Once selected, you can press select and then search. At least there are 2 standards registered (1.0 and 1.1) but you can only select one of them for each search.


Unfortunately, many people do not register the standards associated to a particular service and thus, you will not find them by using the procedure just explained. Instead, by simply searching for the word "WFS" in the name of the service, extra WFS services can be discover that were not carefully registered.


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