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Section 4.1: Requirements

4.1.1 Requirements for offering a DXF with mapserver WFS   
4.1.2 Requirements for offering a Shapefile with geoserver WFS   
4.1.3 Requirements for offering a geodatabase with deegree    

4.1.1 Requirements for offering a DXF with mapserver WFS

Hardware requirements: MapServer runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and more. To compile or install some of the required programs, you may need administrative rights to the machine. People commonly ask questions about minimum hardware specifications for MapServer applications, but the answers are really specific to the individual application. For development and learning purposes, a very minimal machine will work fine. For deployment, you will want to investigate Optimization of everything from your data to server configuration.
Software requirements: You need a working and properly configured Web (HTTP) server, such as Apache or Microsoft Internet Information
Server, on the machine on which you are installing MapServer. OSGeo4W contains Apache already, but you can reconfigure things to use IIS if you need to. Alternatively, MS4W can be used to install MapServer on Windows. If you are on aWindows machine, and you don’t have a web server installed, you may want to check out MS4W, which will install a pre-configured web server, MapServer, and more. The FGS Linux Installer provides similar functionality for several Linux distributions. This introduction will assume you are using pre-compiled OSGeo4W Windows binaries to follow along. Obtaining MapServer or Linux or Mac OS X should be straightforward. Visit Download for installing pre-compiled MapServer builds on Mac OS X and Linux. You will also need aWeb browser, and a text editor (vi, emacs, notepad, homesite) to modify your HTML and mapfiles.

In order for Mapserver to offer a DXF, the GRASS application has to be installed. When using the Osgeo4W installer GRASS is one of the applications that is optional to download. We strongly recommend using these application with mapserver when working with DXF images.

4.1.2 Reuirements for offering data with geoserver WFS

The requirements to offer a Shapefile with Geoserver are that this file .shp, needs to be accompanied with 3 more files, in order for the Geoserver to be alble to read it. The files needed are .dvf, .shp, .shx and .xml. All of them need to be stored under the same folder for the server to find it.

Note: While GeoServer has robust support for the shapefile format, it is not the recommended format of choice in a production environment. Databases such as PostGIS are more suitable in production and offer better performance and scalability. See the section on Running in a Production Environment for more information. (Geoserver web page

Shapefiles are a very common format for geospatial data. But if you are running GeoServer in a production environment, it is better to use a spatial database such as PostGIS. This is essential if doing transactions (WFS-T). Most spatial databases provide shapefile conversion tools. Although there are many options for spatial databases (see the section on Working with Data), PostGIS is recommended. Oracle, DB2, and ArcSDE are also supported.

4.1.3 Requirements for offering a shapefaile with deegree

The only mandatory requirement for deegree is the correct Java installation.

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