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The following three pages could all be provided on a single tutorial page:

Title Page
    - name of tutorial
    - identify whether for data providers or data users

Publisher Page (same for all tutorials, except for revision information)
    - published for GEOSS
    - found at the GEOSS BPW (comments are welcome)
    - searched for from the GWP
    - revision information

Contributor Page (same for all tutorials, except for actual contributors)
    - names of contributors and affiliations

Table of Contents
1  GEOSS Introduction (same for all tutorials)
    1.1 Overview of GEOSS
    1.2 Explanation of tutorials, in general
2  Introduction of Tutorial Topic
    2.1 Discussion of tutorial use
    2.2 Reference to associated video, if in existence
3  Primary Use Case
    3.1 Introduction of use case
    3.2 Description of use case
    3.3 Pointer from parts of use case to tutorial sections
    3.4 Example used to showcase use case
4  Alternative Use Cases
    4.1 Alternative 1
        4.1.1 same as 3.1
        4.1.2 same as 3.2
        4.1.3 same as 3.3
        4.1.4 same as 3.4
    4.2 Alternative 2
        4.2.1 same as 3.1
        4.2.2 same as 3.2
        4.2.3 same as 3.3
        4.2.4 same as 3.4
    4.N Alternative N
        4.N.1 same as 3.1
        4.N.2 same as 3.2
        4.N.3 same as 3.3
        4.N.4 same as 3.4
5  Provisioning/Using the service or application
    5.1 Requirements
    5.2 Summary of Steps
    5.3 Step 1: name of step
    5.4 Step 2: name of step
    5.N Step N: name of step

Appendix A 
    A.1 Example with specific dataset 1
    A.2 Example with specific dataset 2
    A.N Example with specific dataset N
Appendix B  Troubleshooting
Appendix C  FAQ
Appendix D  Glossary/Acronyms
Appendix E  Summary of Important Links



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