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This tutorial is published as a documentation resource for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).  The purpose of this tutorial is to assist the GEOSS providers and GEOSS users in understanding the various ways in which GEOSS can be used to provide and use Earth observation data and services.  The contents of this tutorial are provided free of any intellectual property rights and offered into the public domain for the common good.

This tutorial can be found directly at the GEOSS Best Practices Wiki (BPW) (  It can also be found indirectly via a search at the Geo Web Portal (GWP)(  If registered at the BPW, and logged in, a reader of this tutorial can submit comments on each page of the tutorial.  These comments can serve to point out ways in which this tutorial can be improved upon.


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 Author  Affiliation
Mick Wilson
Steve Browdy
IEEE / OMS Tech, Inc.





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Initial contents added.


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