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To submit a practice, navigate to the theme or area that your practice belongs in, then click the ./NewPage.png button.  Once the editor has opened, select the template icon from the toolbar (pointed to by the red arrow in the image below), then select either "Submit Practice" or "Submit Practice from Document" in the drop down menu that appears.  Depending on your selection of one of two templates will display.  The only difference between them is that if your practice is contained in a document that has already been submitted to the wiki, the template asks for the name of the document's page rather than contact information. 

Fill out all of the fields as best as you can, then save your submission using the save icon in the toolbar. Don't forget to add "Tags" (keywords) after saving your submission.



Note:  If you have a document containing multiple best practices, please submit it to the documents section of this wiki.    In addition, please create individual wiki pages for each of the practices within the document under the appropriate theme or area, so that users can easily find, read, and comment on the practices submitted.

Naturstein verfugenPflastersteine verfugen atursteinplatten verfugen Bodenfliesen verfugenTerrassenfliesen verfugenPflaster verfugenTerrassenplatten verfugenFliesen verfugen BodenversiegelungTerrasse versiegelnFugen versiegelnversiegeln Granitfliesenversiegeln MarmorversiegelnBodenfliesen versiegelnGranit versiegelnSteine versiegelnBodenversiegelung GarageVersiegelung NatursteinSteine versiegelnTerrassenfliesen versiegelnFliesen versiegeln imprägnieren Imprägnierung GranitfliesenImprägnierungBeton imprägnieren Naturstein Imprägnierung Terrasse  imprägnierenTerrassenplatten imprägnierenBodenfliesen imprägnierenFliesen imprägnieren Granitfliesen imprägnieren Marmor imprägnierenBalkon imprägnierenImprägnierung Stein Pflasterfugenmörtelverfugen


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