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Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness (C-SIGMA)

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The advent of Space-based Automatic Identification System (S-AIS), coupled with the recent launch of several high resolution optical and radar space systems, has made the idea of persistent observation of the vessels on world's oceans much more feasible.  These new capabilities, if used as a coordinated whole, would allow for much better detection of ocean polluters, fish poachers, and others using the oceans for illegal activities, including piracy and smuggling.  However, these systems are owned by a wide variety of countries and commercial interests and, to date, there has been no effort to bring them together in a synergistic whole, although thre has been a good deal of discussion on the subject. GEO has done an admirable job in marshalling space technology to address many of the natural problems of the world.  Suggest GEO consider broadening its scope to address some of the man-made problems which are effecting the quality of live of the globe.


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