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This template has been included under the How To section of the wiki, so that individuals and organizations interested in submitting a best practice can easily see what information will be required in order to submit a best practice.  Do not attempt to edit the template here if you wish to submit a practice.  Instead, please see either the information on submitting a best practice or submitting a document.

The following template should be filled out for each best practice or document submitted.  Use of the template ensures that all important information is included in the entry. The information to be included is as follows:

Subject area/Theme

Pick one of the existing GEOSS themes or one of the transverse areas.  If none of the listed subjects/themes apply, please enter your practice under the "Other" heading. 

Short summary of Best Practice:

This practice ...

Explain why is there a need for this Best Practice?

This practice is needed because ... 

Provide an example application(s):

  1. Application A
  2. Application B 

How widely deployed is this practice(if applicable)

Not applicable  

Owner (Originator) Contact Information

Please include a non-spammable version of an email address (e.g., john.doe(at) or a link to the web site of an organization.

Submitter Contact Information

See above 

Detailed Description of Best Practice (or attach a file using button below)

Insert the text for a single best practice here.   

Also, please provide appropriate keywords in the "Tag" field below.


Naturstein verfugenPflastersteine verfugen atursteinplatten verfugen Bodenfliesen verfugenTerrassenfliesen verfugenPflaster verfugenTerrassenplatten verfugenFliesen verfugen BodenversiegelungTerrasse versiegelnFugen versiegelnversiegeln Granitfliesenversiegeln MarmorversiegelnBodenfliesen versiegelnGranit versiegelnSteine versiegelnBodenversiegelung GarageVersiegelung NatursteinSteine versiegelnTerrassenfliesen versiegelnFliesen versiegeln imprägnieren Imprägnierung GranitfliesenImprägnierungBeton imprägnieren Naturstein Imprägnierung Terrasse  imprägnierenTerrassenplatten imprägnierenBodenfliesen imprägnierenFliesen imprägnieren Granitfliesen imprägnieren Marmor imprägnierenBalkon imprägnierenImprägnierung Stein Pflasterfugenmörtelverfugen






















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